“Lord Have Mercy”, 2023, 17.5 in. x 8 in, oil and acrylic on canvas over panel.

The phrase “Lord Have Mercy” has become my mantra and prayer for 2023 and the literal words have become the structure for this piece. I spell out the words on canvas and that becomes the structure of this piece and many more in this current series.

-Like in graffiti the letter forms can be twisted and re imagined and buried in color to become new forms and build the picture.

-I work in the industrial part south of downtown Los Angeles and the dominant color of the landscape I drive in and out of everyday is sandy beiges which turn more ochre as the sunset and looks insane against the blue sky and orange clouds, so an approximation of those color combos make up most of the piece.

-That green dot in the middle is supposed to make you focus on it and hold your visual attention.

-I like to think on could sit and meditate on my mantra/prayer and have this painting be an object of contemplation.

-I was looking at a lot of the comic book art of the master Jack Kirby, listening to a lot of the musician Exuma. Check both of them out to have minds blown. Also been looking at a lot of European graffiti.

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